Issue #1

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Who Are Idiot Force?

Idiot Force is a group of superheroes who just happen to be idiots.

Always eager to rush off into danger, loved by their adoring public, and always triumphant (more of less)!!!

Hear their mighty victory cry: "We Win Again!" Watch their mighty victory dance! Feel your pulse pounding in your temples as you gasp in wide eyed wonder at our heroes' next perilous adventure!


Meet The Group!

Big Dolt! The mightiest member, and a semi-autobiographical rendition of Your Humble Author.

Dr. IQ! The leader of the group. Engineer, inventor, and big cheese.

Idiot Savant! With an encyclopedic memory, inflatable cowl and purple cape, he seems noble and impressive!

The Stuckies! Twins who are tragically joined at the fingernails, they nonetheless join in on the most perilous adventures!

Ms. M! She can fly, lift heavy things, and wears a tight costume! Woo woo!

And many, many more to come!!!